IDEO & Food + Future 

"We know less about our food than any other time in history. We need to change that." 
- Greg Shewmaker, Co-Founder

Food+Future, collaborating with IDEO, MIT Media Lab, Intel and Target, aimed to push and test edges of technology, business, and design to create new, impactful ventures and awareness around food. Food + Future distilled its vast approach into a simple call: "Food needs our help. No one entity can do it alone."


Faces of Food + Future

MIT Media Labs and Food+Future CoLab

Introduction to Food+Future

Food+Future CoLab Launch Session

In January 2016, Target Entrepreneurs-In-Residence Greg Shewmaker and Brent Overcash brought together world renowned design firm IDEO, Target, and the MIT Media Labs to launch the Food+Future coLab, a space in Cambridge Massachusetts dedicated to changing the current situation of our food system. They assembled 24 fellows from different fields to help create new concepts and ventures centering around three main themes: understanding, access, and trust. Small Angst Films Inc. was asked to document this endeavor and produce a video at the end of each week.

Week One: Understanding

Week Three: Trust

Week Two: Access