The Team

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Lucia Small • Director • Producer • cinematographer • editor

Lucia Small is an award-winning 25-year veteran independent filmmaker best known for her daring, boundary-pushing first person non-fiction work — My Father, The Genius (2002), The Axe in the Attic (2007) and One Cut, One Life (2014). Embracing the notion of personal as political, artist as responsible participant, Lucia tackles complex political and social issue themes on gender, race, class, and the environment with unique intimacy, nuance, and humor. She enjoys helping on others’ projects while she shoots, edits, directs and producers her own films. (Full bio here.)


dia sokol • producer

Dia Sokol Savage is the creator and executive producer of MTV’s hit series 16 and Pregnant and the Teen Mom franchise, one of the longest running documentary series on television.  She is also an independent filmmaker who's directorial debut, Sorry, Thanks, premiered at the SXSW film festival and was distributed by IFC. She began her career working for acclaimed director Errol Morris on The Fog of War, Mr. Death and his television series, ”First Person.” Dia produced Andrew Bujalski's "Mutual Appreciation" and "Beeswax," for which she was nominated for a 2010 Independent Spirit Award. She produced Joe Swanberg and Greta Gerwig's "Nights and Weekends" and Girls star Alex Karpovsky's film "Woodpecker.". She runs 11th Street Productions with her producing partner Morgan J. Freeman. 


allie humenuk • cinematographer

Allie Humenuk is an award-winning filmmaker and Emmy nominated cinematographer. She discovered filmmaking while a student at Harvard University. Her most recent award-winning film, The Guys Next Door, was aired on PBS. Her previous feature documentary, Shadow of the House, about the photographer Abelardo Morell, was heralded as “one of the best films ever made about an artist and the artistic process” by Bo Smith, former curator of the film program at the MFA Boston.

Allie was nominated for an Emmy for her camera work on the PBS series Design Squad. Her other cinematography and camera credits include programs for HBO, Netflix, CPB, PBS, National Geographic, MTV, and ESPN, and films such as Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing, Sembene!, Vegas Baby, and Life, Animated.  Allie has taught film and video production at Harvard University, the Massachusetts College of Art and the Maine Media Workshops and College. Currently, Allie freelances as a director and cinematographer.

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Ilisa BarbasH • Consulting Director and Producer

(Co-Director and Co-PRODUCER on the debate film 2015-2017)

Ilisa (Lisa) Barbash co-directed and produced Sweetgrass  (2009) and In and Out of Africa (1992). Sweetgrass was nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards and was selected as part of the US State Department and UCS’s American Documentary Showcase in 2012. Lisa wrote Where the Roads All End: Photography and Anthropology in the Kalahari (2017), co-wrote Cross-Cultural Filmmaking: A Handbook for Making Documentary and Ethnographic Films and Video (1997), and co-edited The Cinema of Robert Gardner (2007). For nearly twenty years, she has served as Curator of Visual Anthropology at Harvard University’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology where she makes films and writes books, and has curated sixteen exhibitions about photography.



Award-winning filmmaker, Amy Geller has dedicated over a decade and a half to producing films. Her work has been broadcast in the US and abroad and has screened at film festivals around the world. Her credits include: PBS/BBC broadcast docudrama Murder at Harvard (2003), the Sundance Institute-supported narrative Stay Until Tomorrow (2005), The War that Made America (2006), a four-hour PBS mini-series, Love and Other Anxieties (2010), funder turned filmmaker Lyda Kuth’s personal documentary, and For the Love of Movies: The Story of American Film Criticism (2009), which premiered at SXSW and was broadcast in Spain, France, Israel, and Japan and on the Documentary Channel. From 2012-2014, Geller served as the Artistic Director of the Boston Jewish Film Festival, where she received a Chai in the Hub Award for Jewish Leaders under 45. Her feature-length directorial debut The Guys Next Door, co-directed by Allie Humenuk, was released in 2016, winning jury prizes and audience awards at film festivals across the country.


Sabrina Zanella-Foresi • co- editor

Sabrina Zanella-Foresi is a feature-length documentary editor/producer whose editing credits include: Salvage (2019); Irish Catskills: Dancing at the Crossroads (APT, 2016); The Rise and Fall of Penn Station (2014) and Henry Ford (2013) both for PBS' American Experience; Photographic Memory by Ross McElwee (2011); Animas Perdidas: Lost Souls (PBS Independent Lens, 2009); The Truth About Cancer (2008); Shadow of the House: Photographer Abelardo Morell, directed by Allie Humenuk (2007);Twisted (PBS Independent Lens, 2007); A Jew Among the Germans (PBS Frontline, 2005). 


Rachel clark • co-editor

Rachel Clark is a documentary video editor currently residing in Boston. Born in Scotland and raised in England, she has been editing for the past twenty years, both in London, UK and Boston, MA. Past clients include the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the BBC, Errol Morris, PBS, the National Geographic Channel, and Cinemax. Her work has received multiple Emmy-nominations. She edited the Emmy award winning HBO documentary Have You Seen Andy?; the documentary Family Affair (OWN), premiering in competition at Sundance; and The Amish: Shunned for PBS’s American Experience. Most recently, she cut East of Salinas for the PBS documentary series Independent Lens, and three feature length documentaries, The Guys Next DoorThe Frozen Chosen and Balian.



Rebecca Williams is an aspiring independent filmmaker living in Boston MA. Graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2016 with a BFA in Film/Video, she has a passion for analog film, directing and editing. During her undergraduate program she interned at Rule Boston Camera, was a Teaching Assistant for several classes, and currently working as a Studio Manager at Mass College of Art part time. Since joining the Small Angst Team in 2016, she has been an integral part of Girl Talk, being a primary sound recordist and assistant editor.



Yinan Ma is an independent filmmaker currently based in Boston, MA. Majoring in Media and Screen Studies at Northeastern University, she strives to be a film director, screenwriter, and editor in documentary and fiction. During her time at Shanghai Gwantsi Production in 2018, she had the opportunity to work with award winning commercial directors. At the age of sixteen, she wrote, directed, edited, and produced her first fiction short Chase, screened on JSTV. In five years, she has written, directed, and edited one short fiction film, two short documentaries, and several commercials as a freelancer. With much determination, she hopes to bring different perspectives together through the use of film. Joined the Small Angst Team in 2019, Yinan Ma wishes to grow from independent documentary filmmaking and contribute to Girl Talk as a production associate.


ANNA GRAHAM • sound recordist • aSSISTANT editor

(THE DEBATE FILM - 2015-2017)

Anna Graham is an experimental filmmaker, documentarian and photographer working in Boston, MA. She currently works as a Teaching Assistant at Harvard University in the department of Visual and Environmental Studies and freelances as a documentary filmmaker in the Boston area. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2015 with a BFA in Film/Video, where she also worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Continuing Education department. During her undergraduate studies she concentrated on nonfiction filmmaking, experimenting with unconventional storytelling methods while embracing the photochemical medium of film.


Jocelyn Glatzer • Co-director, co-producer


Jocelyn Glatzer is a documentary film director/producer with 25 years of experience in all aspects of production, distribution, outreach and marketing of social issue, arts and science documentaries. Glatzer recently completed Fursato Executive Producer), a film about the people living in a small town in Fukushima’s exclusion zone who search for normalcy after the world’s largest nuclear catastrophe since Chernobyl. A teen rocker, a media-savvy activist, a conflicted TEPCO engineer, and a female horse breeder cope with the loss of their homes and the unseen danger of radiation. Each faces a crucial decision: to stay or to go? Furusato, or hometown, is an unsettling portrait of daily life amid an ongoing cataclysm, one with repercussions far beyond Japan’s shores. Fursato won a Golden Dove in 2016 at Dok Leipzig after premiering at the Vienna International Film Festival this November. [More…]